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    Used Laser Tag Equipment: "Realistic" Does not Even Come Close!
    Used Laser Tag Equipment may be the solution to your employment problem by becoming your own boss.

    1. Suiting Up
    2. Laser Tag for the Handicapped!
    3. Shock Laser Tag
    4. Becoming Your Own Boss
    5. Small Business Idea

    If what you are looking for is adrenalin and high levels of emotion in a safe environment, laser tag is your game and used laser tag equipment is your tool.

    In these times when becoming your own boss appears more and more desirable, buying used laser tag equipment and setting up your own amusement gig, is easier than you think. You have several options: You may rent them out in a park and for private parties or, set up a facility according to your financial means where the customers come to you to play this very popular game.

    Suiting Up

    Used laser tag equipment is composed of a body shield which is infrared sensitive targets which, when "tagged" or "tazed", by another player will light up to denote a "hit". Your "weapon of choice" is an infrared emitting targeting device which is attached to the body piece. This way, you record how many hits you've scored and, whether you have been hit or not. The variety of designs of "weapons" available will blow your mind. From the simple hand-gun, to the very exotic "inter-galactic" versions.

    The computerized electronics may be calibrated to ignore friendly fire, limiting the range of fire, as well as other features which mostly depend on the age of the user(s) and the complexity of the game desired.

    There is even used laser tag equipment that has been manufactured for outdoor use, exclusively. This type of equipment requires a higher output of infrared light, due to the fact that you are using it in sunlight versus black lights.


    Laser Tag for the Handicapped!

    In 2006, a company produced laser tag equipment that was designed for especially for the handicapped who, simply, have to push a button. This is referred to as "one-handed play". Now, this used laser tag equipment is available at a cheaper price than when it initially came out.

    Shock Laser Tag

    The used laser tag equipment can even take you and your customers to a higher level with shock laser tag. The equipment is set up to provide you with a slight shock when "hit" by an opponent. The shock will come in through your hand grip. The guns are manufactured with a carry strap so that when you get "hit" and receive the slight shock you will not drop the weapon. This used laser tag equipment also comes with two levels of shock - "Wimp" and "Tough Guy". You decide "just how tough 'nuff" you are.

    Becoming Your Own Boss

    That is a dream of many and the achievement of only a few. To be able to make money to support your family, save, travel, buy a new car or home - the list is endless. One thing's for sure - working for someone else makes all of these goals virtually unachievable, unless you have a high-paying job. Purchasing used laser tag equipment and/or other used amusement center equipment may be the answer to your prayers! There are retailers who sell equipment that is new, as well as used.

    Small Business Idea

    If your budget does not allow for the rental of a building, a great combination for a start-up small business, for example, would be comprised of the used laser tag equipment and a giant inflatable, which you can also get used from retailers of used amusement equipment. If your budget does allow for a facility rental, it is suggested that you rent nothing less than 1400 square feet. The people that sell you the used laser tag equipment will even hook you up with other experts in setting up this type of business.


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